Podcast Highlights

So many podcasts, so little time. Here’s a handy list of British podcast episodes that feature the people we cover at TVO.

The Comedian’s Comedian


In this long-running podcast, stand-up comedian Stuart Goldsmith interviews fellow stand-ups about how and why they do comedy. Things sometimes get quite deep, with “Are you happy?” being a question commonly asked towards the end of each interview… and some variant of “no” often being the answer.

Episode 200: Stewart Lee

Episode 196: Rachel Parris

Episode 186: Tony Law

Episode 185: Jonny & The Baptists

Episode 148: Aisling Bea

Episode 141: Matt Lucas

Episode 121: Mitch Benn

Episode 110: Lou Sanders

Episode 105: Katy Wix

Episode 64: Tony Law

Episode 59: Rob Delaney



In each episode of RHLSTP (or Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast), comedian Richard Herring talks to a different guest in front of a live audience. Topics of discussion range from the guest’s life and work to silly ’emergency questions’ such as “Would you rather have a hand made out of ham or an armpit that dispenses suncream?”

Episode 128: Tom Davis

Episode 121: Will Smith

Episode 117: Armando Iannucci

Episode 111: Graham Linehan

Episode 107: Vic Reeves

Episode 102: Tony Law

Episode 99: Cariad Lloyd

Episode 97: Aisling Bea

Episode 89: Sarah Kendall

Episode 83: Diane Morgan

Episode 75: Jessica Hynes

Episode 74: Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan

Episode 65: Lou Sanders

Episode 64: Bob Mortimer

Episode 63: Stewart Lee

Episode 53: Rebecca Front

Episode 50: Steve Coogan

Special between 45 and 46: Mike Wozniak

Episode 11: Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith

Episode 10: Rob Delaney

Episode 9: Armando Iannucci and Graham Linehan

Episode 8: Stewart Lee

Adam Buxton Podcast


Adam Buxton has an informal ‘ramble-chat’ with guests ranging from the TVO regulars listed below to Michael Palin, Louis Theroux and Brian Eno.

Episode 39: Julian Barratt

Episode 35: Steve Coogan

Episode 33: Matt Berry

Episode 24 and 25: Richard Ayoade

Standard Issue


Although alternative women’s website Standard Issue is sadly shutting down, their podcast is thankfully going to continue. Each episode brings together four/five hilarious women for a chat about all sorts of different topics.

Episode 11: With Jessica Hynes and Diane Morgan

Episode 8: With Sharon Horgan

Episode 6: With Sarah Kendall

Episode 5: With Katy Brand

The Guilty Feminist


In this comedy podcast, the hosts (Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen until recently; now Deborah plus a variety of guest hosts) explore what it means to be a woman and a feminist in the 21st century. Episodes involve confessions, challenges, discussion and stand-up, with themes including Sexuality, Advertising and Independence.

Episode 30: Aisling Bea

Episode 18: Sally Phillips

Made of Human


In this fairly new podcast, Sofie Hagen talks to guests about how they function as human beings and cope with difficult times.

Episode 5: Katy Brand



This podcast about death and grief hosted by TVO regular Cariad Lloyd is very new, with just a few episodes online so far. The next episode is being recorded live at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival this month.

Listen to Griefcast here.

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