Diane Morgan is BritishFamous

In a headline that almost writes itself, Diane Morgan literally is the face of BritishFamous, a new campaign by Visit Britain.

© Love Great Britain

The comic and actress is perhaps best known for her alter-ego Philomena Cunk – a role that has recently provided her with a BAFTA nomination, no less – and if she’s not yet known outside the UK, she soon will be, thanks not only to Cunk, but her role in forthcoming sitcom Motherland and her hopefully forthcoming sitcom with long-standing best friend Maxine Peake.

So if you’re reading this outside of Great Britain, with no idea who Morgan is, then this new web-series in which she travels the length and breadth of the UK, should do the trick. In the first episode, Morgan returns to her North-West roots with a trip to Manchester to become a rock legend.

If that’s not enough, Episode Two sees Diane visit the mountains Wales to become a self-help guru.

Exuding Diane’s usual Boltonian charms, the inimitable Morgan is always a hoot to watch let loose, and while we wait impatiently for more Philomena Cunk, we’ll be keeping our eyes glued to Visit Britain’s YouTube channel and website for two more instalments coming soon.


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