Pre-Order Prevenge

Alice Lowe‘s sensational directorial debut Prevenge will be released on dvd and blu-ray in June.

© Alice Lowe / Raising Films

For the uninitiated the film stars its writer and director as Ruth, a downtrodden mum-to-be who lost her partner on the very day she found out she was pregnant, and now believes that their unborn child is forcing her to kill those responsible, alongside murdering the occasional person who gets in the way of their grand master-plan.

Also featuring TVO regulars Dan Skinner, Tom Davis, Gemma Whelan, Kayvan Novak, Mike Wozniak and Tom Meeten alongside Jo Hartley, Kate Dickie and Leila Hoffman, the film has had rave reviews around the world and is currently wowing audiences in the US via streaming platform Shudder.

As we explained in our preview back in October: “What Prevenge does so well, is take everything Alice has learned across her work as a performer, combines it with her blackly comic writing style, and the work she has done with Ben Wheatley and in particular Jacqueline Wright, and allowed her to make a near impeccable debut as a filmmaker in her own right.

The DVD and blu-ray will be released on Monday, 5th June, the same day the film will be made available via streaming platforms in the UK. You can pre-order both below.

Pre-order the DVD now! {© Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment}

Pre-order the blu-ray now! {© Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment}

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