The Sound of Prevenge

© Toydrum

Coverage for Alice Lowe‘s Prevenge keeps coming! And this time, it has a musical twist…

James Griffith of Toydrum, the Brighton-based composing duo (and former UNKLE band members) who created the soundtrack for the film, has been interviewed by horror website, Dread Central. In the interview he explains how the Prevenge collaboration with Alice came off the back of working with her on her previous short, Solitudo.

He also talks about the challenge of musically balancing comedy and drama in Prevenge, and how they’ve tried to weave a melodic nursery vibe through the dark synth overlay: “One of the main themes is the pitched up vocal melody. Fun but still just creepy enough. I think Alice from the beginning talked a lot about creepy lullabies that could musically represent the baby.” He says.

Read the interview in full here.

If you fancy having a listen yourself, the soundtrack is available to download for £8.99 on iTunes. What’s more, you can listen to a sneaky peek sample of four tracks by clicking on this link or a preview edit via the video here:

The album will be released on vinyl and CD on May 26th – check out the awesome artwork below:



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