Family friendly fantasy favourite Yonderland will not be returning, it has been revealed.

© Ollie Upton / BSkyB

© Ollie Upton / BSkyB

The Sky One comedy drama, which ran for three series and a Christmas special, was the work of the original lead cast for CBBC’s Horrible Histories – all of whom have made regular contributions to TVO productions and are considered part of our ‘family’.

Mathew BayntonSimon FarnabyMartha Howe-DouglasJim HowickLaurence Rickard and Ben Willbond all moved from CBBC to Sky in 2013 for the series (Howick and Farnaby continued to make sporadic appearances in the 2015 series), which they also wrote.

Across the three series, which told the story of stay-at-home 30-something mum Debbie Maddox and her journey into a fantastical realm in which she is the chosen one in a battle against great evil in this silly, magical place, various other TVO regulars made appearances. Dan Skinner played Debbie’s oblivious husband Peter in every episode, while Beehive and Alice’s Wunderland star Clare Thomson was a frequent guest star, while Tony WayTom Meeten were amongst a cast of one-off guests which also included Stephen Fry, Nick Mohammed and Anthony Head.

Sadly, despite being a huge critical favourite with a large cult following, the powers that be have – in what appears to be a mutual decision – decided that the time is right to end the adventure. The news came via Laurence Rickard’s Twitter feed on the morning of 17th February.

All three series of Yonderland are available on DVD now. Currently you can purchase Series 1 for £6.99,  Series 2 for £19.98 and Series 3 for £19.99 via Amazon.co.uk – and we’ve no doubt that the Christmas special, and possibly a complete series box-set will follow. Alternatively, every episode is available (for now at least) via Sky Boxsets and Now TV.

On behalf of everyone at TVO, thank you to the Yonderland team for their hard work, and their support of Team TVO in plugging their endeavours. We look forward to what you do next!

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  1. Naww….It’s only been about a month or so that I discovered Yonderland existed. I don’t have a TV, so was informed of this wonderful little series by my daughter, who’d watched it at her dad’s place. If this is where it ends, then I’m glad that I decided to purchase the series on disc so that I can watch it over and over and over again! Such a colourful and joyous show! It’s so reassuring to see that imagination hasn’t entirely gone out of style in telly land. I’ve fallen a little bit in love with these 6 hilarious, creative people; I loved them in Horrible Histories ( haven’t seen ‘Bill” yet, but mean to ASAP), and can’t wait to see what they do next. Very inspiring! I’m sending them all a big anonymous hug through the ether 🙂


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