Second Series for Damned

Channel 4 has announced that Damned will return for a second series.


© Channel 4

The first series of Jo Brand’s social workers comedy aired in autumn 2016 and the cast included Kevin Eldon, Alan Davies and Isy Suttie alongside Brand herself. TVO regulars Diane Morgan and Aisling Bea also popped up as guest stars.

Brand is now busy writing the second series with Morwenna Banks and Will Smith, which will likely be on our screens in late 2017.

Channel 4 said: “In a post-Brexit world, defined by a new government and legislation that no one can really fathom, Rose (Jo Brand) remains as irritable, chaotic and resentful as ever as she tries to juggle home, work, family and her far-too-present ex-husband. Meanwhile Al (Alan Davies), apathetically trying to surf a mid-life crisis, considers pastures new to inject some much needed excitement, and a new challenge, into his life. Martin (Kevin Eldon) is back full time and this time round he’s in charge so things might be about to change – but ever so kindly and slowly cause he’s a nice bloke. But will his new position of power bring out some unseemly dictatorial traits?”




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