Fulcher Footage Surfaces

© Nick Cunard / Rex Features

© Nick Cunard / Rex Features

An unofficial trailer for a pilot filmed for Adult Swim in 2011 has hit the world wide web, and it features the always-awesome Rich Fulcher.

Guy Suave: Homicidal Spy is about about an old skool secret agent, with Jay Johnston in the lead role and Rich as the villain.

Eric Von Hoffman who wrote the show has recently added the trailer to his youtube page, so although the pilot wasn’t broadcast and a full series was never commissioned, we can now catch a glimpse of the madness. And madness it is…not particularly PC mind you, but very funny.

Hoffman spoke to Splitsider about the project:  “This is a pilot for a spy show Jay and I wanted to do about a secret agent who is mentally & emotionally unhinged – kind of Taxi Driver meets Dr. No. There was a lot of filthy language involved, like almost porn movie level (because Guy Suave spoke in single entendres instead of the traditional double entendres of most secret agents), which naturally had to be bleeped, and so the full impact was lessened a bit.”

Take a look at the NSFW trailer below:

Strange fact: Guy Suave was originally performed as a stage show back in the mid-90’s in Chicago (the mind boggles), which coincidentally featured Rich in the lead role. When casting for the pilot, Adult Swim suggested Rich for the villain, not knowing anything about the previous version.  Spooky.

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