Ayoade On Fake News Quiz

® Channe 4

® Channe 4

Richard Ayoade will be one of the panelists on The Fake News Show which airs on Channel 4 tomorrow, Monday 6th February.

The one-off quiz show is part of a week of programming about fake news and the post-truth world, which kicks off at 7pm on Channel 4.

The Fake News Show airs at 8pm, when Stephen Mangan will be hosting with panelists Richard Osman, Katherine Ryan, Jon Richardson and Ayoade himself to dissect some of the outlandish headlines, dodgy photo-shops and all-too-believable viral clips.

During the course of the week  Channel 4 News will explore where fake news comes from and its implications in a number of reports, interviews and discussions, and air two documentaries. You might have seen newsreader, Big Fat Quiz participant and national treasure Jon Snow introducing the week of programming – but if not, here he is:

It seems not everyone is as passionate about fact-checking and printing the truth as TVO is 😉 This link takes you to the full week’s listings on Channel 4 so you can see what’s on when.

Entertaining though it can be, fake news does have a serious side. If any of you fancy digging into the topic a bit further, and want to find out how to avoid being duped, this article is pretty helpful.

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