Morgan Writing Sitcom

Diane Morgan has revealed that she is writing a sitcom in which she and real-life best friend Maxine Peake play sisters.


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In an interview with Radio Times, Diane said that the project is in very early stages, with no particular broadcaster attached yet. She is currently working on the script and mentioned that her character is “slightly uncouth” while Maxine’s is a successful actress. The two friends could recently be seen together in Gold’s We Have Been Watching and they are also both among the cast of new comedy film Funny Cow.

Diane also talked a bit about the future of Philomena Cunk, suggesting potential titles like Cunk on Punk, Cunk on Modern Art and Cunk on Jane Austen, and mentioned that work is well underway on Motherland which is likely to be filmed in the summer.

See the short interview below.

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