Paul Kaye is Terry Pratchett

A new documentary about the life of the late Sir Terry Pratchett has been made, starring Paul Kaye as Pratchett himself.


Terry Pratchett © SFX Magazine

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black is the story of the author’s life in his own words, although the Discworld creator sadly died in 2015, before he was able to finish writing. The film will depict Pratchett’s life from schoolboy to multi-million selling author, recounting many of the personal and creative struggles he had along the way. As well as this, Pratchett wrote about how his life changed after receiving an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in his fifties.

We can be sure to expect Pratchett’s unfaltering wit to translate onto screen, making for a moving but no doubt uplifting and inspiring piece (fitting in line with the writer’s lifetime of works). And who better to portray Pratchett than Paul Kaye who, with past performances in shows such as Mongrels and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, has shown that he is able to help audiences look at life from a more surreal perspective (to say the least) which is something Terry advocated in his work.


Paul Kaye © BBC

The film will also feature fellow writers Neil Gaiman and Val McDermid, as well as Pratchett’s assistant Rob Wilkins.

Terry Pratchett: Back in Black is set to air on BBC2 later in the year, so we’ll keep you updated about developments.

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