Gigglebox On Gold

Following a one-off Christmas special, a new TV series, We Have Been Watching, began on Gold last night – and it features a few TVO faces in its line up.

© Gold

© Gold

The format of the show is similar to Gogglebox, but in this case we’re watching different comedians while they watch classic TV comedy (as opposed to Leon and June watching Poldark…again). As with the original Channel 4 show, it’s an opportunity to revisit some great TV moments, with the added bonus of a commentary – in this case, it comes from people who know a bit about TV comedy.

Details of each epode are rather light, but we can confirm that We Have Been Watching features Philomela Cunk’s alter-ego Diane Morgan along with Yonderland‘s Jim Howick and Mat Baynton.

To give you a flavour of what’s in store, take a look at the clips below. Diane Morgan is in the first clip, and as far as we can tell our lot’s appearances are scattered across the five episodes:

If you missed the first episode last night, fret not – it’s repeated on Gold at the following times: Saturday 7th January at 8pm; Sunday 8th January at 3:10pm; Monday 9th January at 10:50am. Episode 2 will be broadcast on Wednesday 11th January at 8pm.

For more details, take a look at The British Comedy Guide’s web pages about the series, which includes further information about cast members.


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