Hoult & Parris in Revolting

Colin Hoult and Rachel Parris are among the supporting cast for new satirical comedy series Revolting which starts on BBC Two this evening.

© HatTrick

© HatTrick

The show is the brainchild of Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse, who were previously responsible for BBC Three series The Revolution Will Be Televised. Once again combining hidden camera spoofs with sketches, the first episode will feature Dennis Pound on the streets of Loughton crowd sourcing new policies for UKIP, Dale Maily braving a festival of hippies, and Corbynite Robyn meets his idol, Jeremy Corbyn.

Joining Hoult and Parris in the supporting cast are fellow character comedian Catriona Knox (Sun Trap, Weekly Wipe), and former Sarah Jane Adventures stars Anjli Mohindra and Ace Bhatti. You can see Episode One at 10pm tonight, and it will naturally be available on iPlayer shortly after transmission. And while you wait, there’s a preview clip below…

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