Back To Being Human

Being Human, one of BBC Three’s most popular, longest running shows, is available again to watch on iPlayer.



The comedy-drama series follows the trials and tribulations of three twenty-something housemates trying to live normal lives, despite struggling with some strange afflictions – one is a werewolf, one is a vampire and the other is a ghost. It’s been off our screens for a few years, so the time is nigh for another viewing.

Being Human ran for five series between 2009 and 2013, and while it was perfectly positioned for BBC Three’s youthful Twilight-loving (well it was a while ago) target audience, its imaginative  plot lines, snappy dialogue and compelling characters hooked in a much broader demographic.

© BBC / Huw John

© BBC / Huw John

During its lifespan the series played host to a number of TVO artists too – both as regular characters and guest appearances. Colin Hoult vamps it up brilliantly during series 5, playing the part of Ian Crumb, a bullied man wanting revenge – who ends up as a vampire (as you do). He describes himself as “the world’s worst nightmare: the victim that gets super powers”.  Let’s just say there’s a lot of blood involved.

© Touchpaper / Huw John

© Touchpaper / Huw John

Julian Barratt also puts in a star turn in series 5 (episode 3) as Larry Chrysler, a former weather presenter, who now works as a motivational speaker…when he’s not being a werewolf.

Laura Patch plays the part of Michaela Thompson, the strange goth girl who visits the cafe and writes poems. And Paul Kaye appeared in an early episode as Vincent, a vampire who ran a fighting pit which pitted humans against werewolves.



Finally, there were also a smattering of appearances in the show from people with a TVO-connection, in the form of Craig Roberts (of Submarine and The Double), the late Margaret John (of Nannagedon fame) and Mark Gatiss, who while not one of ours officially, has a fair few connections with those who are.

You can see Being Human in its entirety on iPlayer here.

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