Sexy Murder Omnibus

We told you once. We told you twice. But some things are worth saying three times – so if you haven’t caught every episode of Rich Fulcher‘s BBC Three mini series Sexy Murder yet, you can see an omnibus edition of the whole thing on iPlayer now!

© Rough Cut

© Rough Cut

The show features Fulcher – making a rare UK appearance these days – as ‘Televisionary’ and ‘Truth Crusader’ Christoph ‘Christ’ Spinelli, a documentary filmmaker who has come to the UK to do for British Crime what he’s done for America: speculate to the point of insanity and manage to make a story out of absolutely nothing.

In search of a miscarriage of justice to defend, Spinelli’s documentary investigates the mysterious disappearance of Polly Worcester and her would-be attacker, Tom Jessop, with all the objectivity, truth and (most importantly) sexiness you would expect.

Unfortunately for Tom, Spinelli is the last person you would want on your side…

Written by Andy Kinnear & Cein McGillicuddy, the show also features James Gordon, Lolly Adefope, Nick Mohammed, Maggie O’Neill, Life’s Too Short‘s Shaun Williamson and Alice’s Wunderland‘s Marcia Warren.

You can catch the full show online now over yonder via iPlayer, and if you’re outside the UK, the whole series can be viewed via YouTube below.

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