Captain Ango Pango says… Shut Up DJ!

Seminal filmmaker Tim Hope is back with his latest project, and it sees him reunited with regular collaborator Waen Shepherd.

© Tim Hope

© Tim Hope

For the uninitiated, Hope began his comedy career as a stand-up, and united with a pre-Boosh Julian Barratt to as techno-pioneers The Pod in the mid 90s. Shepherd would frequently be involved in this early work, and this led to Tim and Waen collaborating on the critically acclaimed short The Wolf Man.

Since then, Hope has worked on a number of animated films, music videos for the likes of Robbie Williams, R.E.M. and Coldplay, and the 2010 short The Savage Canvas starring Barratt and Stephen Evans, which can be found on The Mighty Boosh: Journey of the Childmen dvd.

Now, Hope has returned to the visual style he used on last year’s Tired Parents web series (which continues to this day on Facebook) with new project Captain Ango Pango. Utilising a combination of cardboard cut-outs, toy dolls and digital face replacements, the first video in the series sees Hope imagine what it would be like to be a woman, while the second features Shepherd as Gary Le Strange waging war on DJs who just won’t stop talking. What’s more, Dave Westlake of The Boosh Band is behind the banging choon you can hear for good measure.

You can see both below, and to see more in the near future, subscribe to the Captain Ango Pango YouTube channel now.

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