Preview Pictures: The Entire Universe


© BBC/Guy Levy

BBC Two has a Boxing Day treat in store… Noel Fielding is joining Eric Idle and Professor Brian Cox in The Entire Universe, an hour-long special which will tell the story of the universe’s creation through comedy songs and sketches. Also joining them on their mission are Warwick Davis, Robin Ince and Hannah Waddingham.

Here’s Noel in character as Albert Einstein.


© BBC/Guy Levy

Alongside Warwick Davis and Hannah Waddingham. (Fun fact: Hannah is well known in theatre and has starred in Eric Idle’s musical Spamalot but is now familiar to lots of people as the ‘Shame!’ lady in Game of Thrones.)


© BBC/Guy Levy

And here’s the three of them ready for another sketch.


© BBC/Guy Levy

Noel and Warwick, alongside Eric Idle, dressed as old women in typical Python style. Could Eric be singing The Galaxy Song here, we wonder?


© BBC/Guy Levy

Being educated by Professor Brian Cox…


© BBC/Guy Levy

… Who has now changed into a rather fetching jacket.


© BBC/Guy Levy

And here’s the whole gang at the end of the show.


© BBC/Guy Levy

The Entire Universe will air Monday 26th December (Boxing Day) at 9.30pm on BBC Two. Keep your eyes peeled for our roundup of all Onion-related Christmas viewing coming soon.

1 Comment on Preview Pictures: The Entire Universe

  1. I must say, the UK consistently comes up with interesting and creative shows. This sounds amazing. Pity i live in Australia and will miss out. Maybe there’ll be a way for us down in oz to see it at some stage. In the meantime, i need me one of those Brian Cox light-up jackets.


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