Matt Berry Joins Christmas Drama

Matt Berry has joined the cast of Sky 1’s The Last Dragonslayer – a feature length drama due to air on Christmas Day.


© Sky

The Last Dragonslayer, based on a fantasy novel series of the same name, follows orphan Jennifer Strange, who is thrust reluctantly into becoming a dragonslaying apprentice and soon ends up being the very last one around.

Matt Berry will be playing King Snodd: ‘Tyrannical ruler of the kingdom and slave to the latest trends and gadgets. Snodd believes magic is on its way out, being replaced by technology and commerce. As such, he is keen to double the size of his kingdom by claiming The Dragonlands once the last dragon has been slain. Cross him and he’ll put you in the stocks and throw coconuts at you.’

Also among the cast are Ricky Tomlinson, John Bradley (aka Sam Tarly from Game of Thrones), Anna Chancellor, and Richard E Grant as the voice of a dragon.

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