Start 2017 With Shooting The Breeze

Rachel Stubbing‘s popular film night, Shooting The Breeze, returns to Shortwave Cinema in January.

© Rachel Stubbings

© Rachel Stubbings

It all taking place on 26th January from 7pm. Expect an hour of mini cinematic masterpeices lovingly selected by Stubbings. Although details about the films are a tad light at the moment, previous Shooting the Breeze events have included films from some of the most exciting comedy talent behind and in front of the camera, including many TVO faces – like Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Tom Meeten and Gareth Tunley. So based on past glories, we reckon one will shape up to be a corker too.

For updates on the finer details of the evening and tickets, check out the event Facebook page.

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