Art For A Good Cause

Noel Fielding is contributing a piece of art to Face Value KPF, an exhibition intended to raise money for The Katie Piper Foundation.

© Noel Fielding / Hooligan Art Dealer

© Noel Fielding / Hooligan Art Dealer

Artist Gary Mansfield has collaborated with some of the UK’s most renowned artists in this unique exhibition, which will be on show at the Strand Gallery from 14th to 20th December. Noel will be in good company, with artworks from some of the biggest names in the UK art scene and beyond, including Sarah Lucas, Martin Creed, Gavin Turk, Courty, Jessica Albarn,Vic Reed and Jake & Dinos Chapman. Starting prices range from £10 to £18,000.

100% of the proceeds of the FaceValueKPF exhibition are going directly to The Katie Piper Foundation, a charity whose vision is to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being.

Each artwork featured in FaceValueKPF is a metaphor for a person whose visual identity has been altered, with each one being physically manipulated by a third party to change its visual identity. They are now available to view online in their original state, but we’ll have to wait for the exhibition opening on 14th December to see the transformed pieces.

If you’d like to bid for one of the artworks, you can do so here. Noel’s piece is a watercolour, The Lonely Prince (Purple), which you can see reproduced in its original form here. The guide price for the final piece is £1,200.

If that’s a little beyond your price range, don’t despair! You could still treat yourself to an A2 smooth cotton fine art paper print of one of Noel’s paintings direct from his art dealer (you could even make a charitable donation to balance things out!). The prints are available signed by Noel or unsigned, and include a certificate of authenticity. For more information email or visit Hooligan Art Dealer’s website.

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