There’s a popular meme that goes around the internet, which states that David Bowie was the glue that held the fabric of the universe together. And as 2016 has seen countless other great talents pass to the other side, it might just be right. And that’s not even taking into account all the personal tragedies that affect so many of us, as family, friends and other loved ones are lost to illness, unfortunate events and simple old age.

© Cariad Lloyd / Richard Davenport

© Cariad Lloyd / Richard Davenport

Making things a little easier, perhaps, in the months to come, will be Cariad Lloyd‘s new podcast. Inspired in part by her father’s death when she was 15 years old, the show is a chance to talk, share and laugh about the weirdness of grief, death, pain and agony… but with comedians.

Each week, she’ll be talking to a different comedian who has lost someone along the way, and the results are a fascinating insight into not only the mindset of comic talents we know and love, but into the growing acceptance we all face in our lives as more of those we love are taken from us.

To launch the series, Cariad has released four opening instalments, featuring Sara Pascoe, Jon Harvey, Jayde Adams and Adam Buxton. The latter is particularly poignant, as Adam opens up about the loss of his father, respected travel writer Nigel Buxton – better known to Adam & Joe fans as the delightful BaaadDad – as well as a young man he saw being stabbed to death in the street.

These are difficult subjects for both the guests and the host to tackle, but Lloyd makes for a warm, soothing presence at the epicentre of each discussion, and the guests are clearly comfortable in her presence, allowing them to be starkly open and honest, whilst still having fun and naturally being hilarious.

You can hear the opening episode below, and three more can be found over at Soundcloud, with more to follow in the weeks to come, and the series is also available on iTunes for good measure. Stay tuned to our Twitter account, and of course, to Cariad’s and the new Griefcast account too, to find out when.

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