Fielding Appearance At US Benefit Show

Noel Fielding will be one of Judd Apatow’s guests at a benefit concert for People for The American Way.

© Dan Burn-Forti

© Dan Burn-Forti

The Judd Apatow & Friends show takes place on Tuesday, November 29th at Largo in Los Angeles. Tickets are priced at $50 and can be procured here.

Please note the arrangements for the event: Seat assignments begin at 6pm; doors open for drinks at 7pm; the show begins at 8.30pm. Seats will be assigned on a first come first served from the front of the theatre to the back, so if you want to sit near the front get there early. Please note that late arrivals to the theatre won’t be admitted. The organisers of the event have said that “Special guests are subject to cancel without notice” and no refunds/exchanges will be given. It might simply be legal arse-covering, or perhaps they know something that we don’t…?

At present, we don’t have any information regarding other appearances for Noel in the US, but if/when we do, you’ll be the first to know!

People for The American Way is a movement that fights for progressive values of equal rights, freedom of speech, religious liberty and equal justice under the law for every American. Given recent political events over the pond, we reckon they’re going to be busy. To find out more about the organisation, check out their website here.


1 Comment on Fielding Appearance At US Benefit Show

  1. For shows like this the cancel without notice thing is run of the mill. They won’t reschedule the whole thing if one of the special guests is too ill to perform, had trouble with transport and can’t arrive in time, etc. It’s a benefit, so no refunds/exchanges is also normal.

    Wish I could afford a ticket!


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