Katy in Soho

Katy Brand will be bringing her critically acclaimed, smash-hit Edinburgh 2016 show I Was a Teenage Christian to The Soho Theatre in the new year.

© Debra Hurford Brown

© Debra Hurford Brown

Whilst the heart and soul are being ripped out of Soho’s every nook and cranny, the good folk at The Soho Theatre are continuing the good fight to keep something vital alive in the district. And their impressive slate of comedy over the next couple of weeks (including a nearly sold out run for Colin Hoult) includes a six night run for Katy Brand at the end of January.

For those who missed it in Edinburgh, Katy’s return to the Fringe for the first time in over a decade was a starkly confessional show, in which she explained ‘what a dick’ she was as a God-bothering teenage Evangelist. As we explained in our post-script review of the Fringe, the humour “came from the absurdity of her real experiences, and Brand’s charming acceptance that she’d made a series of terrible mistakes. That these mistakes only got worse until she made the inevitable decision to get out of an insane situation was something a lot of audience members could easily identify with, and the sheer chaos that unfolded around her was understandably hilarious in retrospect.”

Katy will be appearing every night from Monday 23rd January to Saturday 28th January, and tickets are available now over at the Soho Theatre website. If you’d like to know more to whet your appetite, you can revisit our exclusive interview with Katy from the summer over yonder, or read our passionate argument for why the show was a must-see at the Fringe over here instead.

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