Stand-Up on NextUp

Colin Hoult, Tony Law and Lou Sanders are among comedians to have their stand-up made available to watch via exciting new on-demand platform NextUp.


© Colin Hoult

NextUp, which is being described as a sort-of Netflix for British comedy, has launched today with dozens of stand-up specials. Along with TVO favourites Colin Hoult, Tony Law and Lou Sanders, there are shows from Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Simon Munnery and more.

NextUp say their aim is to provide a broader range of stand-up, beyond the sort of acts that traditionally land DVD deals and TV appearances.

Co-founder of NextUp Sarah Henley said: “We found it exceptionally sad that we would come to the Edinburgh Fringe every year and see incredible, lovingly crafted shows, which would maybe tour, but then disappear completely, with only a small handful of comics getting DVD deals. We personally know hundreds of people who would have loved to have seen those shows but couldn’t make it up to the Fringe or don’t live in the towns the tours visit, and our research tells us there are many thousands more who feel the same.”

Hear hear!

Lou Sanders has commented: “This means my Mum can see it and yours too. Also great for agoraphobics.” Her Edinburgh show What’s That Lady Doing? is available to watch on the platform, in addition to another 2016 Fringe favourite of ours – Colin Hoult’s Anna Mann: A Sketch Show For Depressives.

Subscription to NextUp costs £3.50 a month, with comedians set to receive a cut based on how many views their videos get. You can start a 30 day free trial now.

Below is the launch video for NextUp, and you can find the site here.



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