Elderflower Screening & Comedy Night

Lou Sanders, Ben Mallaby, Hannah George and Gina Lyons will be showcasing their new short film Elderflower with a screening and stand up performances at The Phoenix next Thursday, 17th November.


The cast for the film includes Sheila Reid, Tom Rosenthal, Mike WozniakTony Law, Marek Larwood, Pamela Binns, Ingrid Evans, Toby Williams and Kedar-Williams Stirling.

The stand up performances on the night will come from the following comedians connected to the film: Lou, Mike, Tony, Toby and Tom.

The event is intended to raise money for Elderflower to go through the festivals which cost on each application.  We say let’s support independent film! The screening and stand up evening starts at 7pm at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square in London; tickets cost £12.50 and can be procured here.



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