Morgan gets possessed in Baker’s End

Diane Morgan has joined the cast of a new edition of Baker’s End – a comedic audio-drama loosely spun off from Doctor Who.

©Bafflegab Productions

© Bafflegab Productions

Written by acclaimed novelist Paul Magrs, who has previously written a number of official Doctor Who audio-plays and books, Baker’s End is a vehicle for the fourth Time Lord himself, Tom Baker, and features the actor as his delightfully eccentric self, now dead and revived as a ghost, alongside Katy Manning (who played Jo Grant opposite the Third and Eleventh Doctors in 1971-73 and 2011) as his former co-star Suzy Goshawk.

©Bafflegab Productions

© Bafflegab Productions

In this second installment, Gobbleknoll Hall, the ghost-hunting TV show Manifest Yourself is filming an overnight vigil at the titular location, which has really gotten Mrs Frimbly (Susan Jameson) terribly excited.

But the spirits of Gobbleknoll Hall are not to messed about with, and the King of Cats is soon leading his bewildered friend Suzy (Diane Morgan) on a mission to prevent the spooky investigation from going completely tits up.

Why is the crepuscular mansion haunted by the jangling of ancient glam rock anthems? What is the secret of the Phantom Boozer in the basement? What the fudgeknocking blazes is Mrs Frimbly playing at?

And in scenes of a shocking nature, a possessed Suzy Goshawk tells everyone exactly what she did on Christmas Day 1975.

It’s all very silly stuff, produced by Bafflegab Productions, who were previously responsible for The Brenda and Effie Mysteries featuring Alex Lowe and one-off comic drama Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective starring Lowe and Manning alongside Julian Rhind Tutt and Margaret Cabourn-SmithDoctor Who fans may also wish to check out their former series The Scarifyers for good measure.

If you’re curious, you can check out Gobbleknoll Hall via the Bafflegab Productions website now, where you can hear a trailer, and buy the play on CD for £9.99 or Download for £6.99.

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