RTS Award Nominations

Nominations have been announced for the 2016 RTS Craft & Design Awards, which celebrate talent behind the scenes in television production.


© Channel 4

Here’s a roundup of the TVO-connected shows that have been recognised in the award nominations:

Flowers – Selina MacArthur is nominated for Editing (Entertainment & Comedy), Arthur Sharpe is nominated for Music (Original Score), Luana Hanson is nominated for Production Design (Drama)

Murder In Successville – Lucy Williams is nominated for Costume Design (Entertainment & Non-Drama), Antony Cartlidge is nominated for Production Design (Entertainment & Non-Drama)

Hunderby – Claire Finlay-Thompson is nominated for Costume Design (Entertainment & Non-Drama)

Alan Partridge: Scissored Isle – Rob and Neil Gibbons are nominated for Director (Comedy Drama/Situation Comedy)

Upstart Crow – Martin Kempton is nominated for Lighting (Multicamera)

Winners of the awards will be announced on Monday 28th November.


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