Vic Reeves Art

A selection of artwork from Vic Reeves is set to be exhibited and sold in November.



The exhibition will run from 7th – 13th November 2016 , and any pieces not sold during this time will be available to purchase by auction on the 13th. This is all taking place at The Auction House near Westenhanger Station in Hythe, Kent.

You can see the artwork that will be for sale over here.

Not longer after this exhibition, part two of Vic and Bob’s 25th anniversary tour is kicking off, with appearances lined up at 13 different venues around the UK.

There are still a few tickets left for ’25 Years of Reeves and Mortimer: The Poignant Moments’ so nab one while you still can!

The duo recently gave a lovely interview in The Guardian about the tour, which had to be put on hold this time last year after Bob was rushed into hospital for an emergency triple bypass operation.

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