Kendall in Ad Campaign

Our favourite Aussie comedian Sarah Kendall is one of the new faces of design company Georg Jensen. 


© Sarah Kendall / Rosalind Furlong

The silverware specialists have launched a new ad campaign, which celebrates ‘influential and inspirational’ women.

Sarah stars in the campaign alongside Danish film director Susanne Bier, Norwegian boxer Cecilia Brækhus, Iranian motocross rider Behnaz Shafiei, and American chef Dominique Crenn.

Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt, the company’s first ever female chief executive, says: “At Georg Jensen we’ve always encouraged women to be themselves and make their own success – our campaign is the extension of that very philosophy and the women featured are the embodiment of that. We wanted this campaign to transcend ideals about beauty, putting focus on personality first. The women featured are powerful role models, and we’re very proud to be featuring.”

Georg Jensen adds: “Some say women are not funny. Sarah Kendall has proved the ignorant clichés wrong. She has established herself as one of the hottest names on the international comedy scene and has won some of the most prestigious stand-up comedy awards there are. Sarah Kendall is loud. Louder than most people. She yearns to hit the sore spots on point and make people laugh and reflect – and she is not apologising for it.”

We agree that Sarah is brilliant. Here’s our recent chat with her before the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe.


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