Tips for Actors (who don’t want to read)

Fergus Craig‘s brilliant book Tips for Actors is now available as an Audiobook via Audible, and they’ve released a behind-the-scenes video for good measure.

© Fergus Craig

© Fergus Craig

The book was released back in 2014, and was immediately acclaimed as the most important theatrical book of this or any other decade. In it, Craig compiled advice from moderate Twitter sensation @tipsforactors with tons of brand new material which gave budding thespians all the advice they’d ever need, from how to upstage their fellow cast members to the finest places to poo in the West End. Finally, here was a book written by someone brave enough to tell actors the truth!

© Fergus Craig / Audible

© Fergus Craig / Audible

And now, for those who can’t be bothered to thumb through its 170 or so pages, the book has been carefully transposed to the audio medium, which for an actor of Craig’s calibre, is a natural home. The audiobook is available for £9.52 now via Amazon, or you can hear it as part of an Audible subscription. The company are offering a 3 month free trial at present, so there’s no excuse!

If you’re still looking for a copy of the book as a good old fashioned binding of paper, fear not – it has been lovingly reprinted and reissued this very week, in an expanded format with 30 extra pages for good measure. This is available for a meagre £8.99 over yonder.

And for you Kindlers who don’t want to fill your home with potential kindling, you can electronically grab a copy of the original issue right here. Finally, you can see the behind-the-scenes clip of Craig in action below.

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