Tony Law At Leicester Square Theatre

Tony Law will be bringing his 2016 Edinburgh show to the West End, with a run at the Leicester Square Theatre.

The stage show, A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome, is more of what Tony does best, and will delight fans of his uniquely offbeat, non-sequitur comedy. It was well received at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, with The Scotsman and Edinburgh Festivals Magazine both giving it 4 stars, and the latter describing Tony as “charismatic” and his performance as “sublime”. The Upcoming even gave him the full 5 stars! Just click the links to read the reviews in full.

Tony will be performing the show daily at the London venue from 21st to 29th October (inc.), with a day off on Monday 24th. Tickets are £15 and can be procured here.

He’s been promoting the gigs with an Instagram series Calling My Dog Back In the Woods, which features Tony…er, calling his dog back in the woods. So far we’re two episodes in, and there’s also a companion piece featuring Wolfpen and Wolfpen, two pens in the shape of wolves.  Of course there is. You can see what it’s all about below; follow Tony on Instagram to keep up with future episodes. We can only begin to imagine what episode three of Calling My Dog Back in the Woods will be about…

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