Matt Berry Album Out Now

The Small Hours, the new studio album from Matt Berry now available to buy.

© Acid Jazz

© Acid Jazz

The album was inspired by the half-awake moments you experience before dawn, when the mind makes strange connections and worries seem to amplify. It explores themes of death, religion, loneliness and the changing of the seasons.

Reviews of The Small Hours have been generally positive (here’s an example of what one reviewer thought), with the album having been described as “a genuinely brilliant 12 tracks” and  “immaculately crafted songs”. We would love to find a review which doesn’t fixate on the comedic/straight dynamic in Matt’s creative armoury, however…

The Small Hours is available as a signed CD or vinyl here, or via the usual online/offline retailers. For the full track listing and a preview of one of the tracks, Obsessed and So Obscure, take a look at our previous post about the release.

1 Comment on Matt Berry Album Out Now

  1. I enjoy Berry first and foremost as a musician. I reviewed ‘The Small Hours’ recently after much anticipation for this album. Beautiful Life as I Know it


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