Hynes is a Hoot(en)

You’ve no doubt seen the billboards, the social media ads, and the tv and press advertising campaign for Sky One’s bold new drama ‘event series’ Hooten and the Lady. If you’re still not sure about checking it out, perhaps the knowledge that Jessica Hynes is involved will help?

© Red Planet Pictures

© Red Planet Pictures

Described as an “adrenaline filled” event, the eight part drama follows the adventures of the hugely charismatic, roguish American adventurer Hooten (played by film and tv actor Michael Landes) and his fantastically feisty partner in crime, Lady Alexandra (played by W1A, FM, Nathan Barley and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy star Ophelia Lovibond) as they travel the world, from the Vatican to The Himalayas, the Amazon to Egypt, in their quest to save the world’s lost treasures.

© Red Planet Pictures

© Red Planet Pictures

The series also features one of Britain’s most unsung actors: the wonderful Shaun Parkes, known for his roles in Moses Jones, Casanova, Doctor Who and most recently alongside Jim Howick and Michael Smiley in E4’s The Humans. Also appearing are W1A‘s Jonathan Bailey, former Bond girl Jane Seymour, The Thick of It legend Joanna Scanlon and The Fast Show‘s Colin McFarlane. You can see a trailer below.

Hynes plays the role of Ella Bond, a historian at The British Museum who is charged with assisting Hooten and Alexandra as they traverse the globe to find hidden treasures. We’ve got a gallery of images of Jessica from the show below to whet your appetite, and you can see a new episode every Friday at 9pm on Sky 1. As always, the show will be available via Sky Go and Now TV too, for all you boxset binge-viewers. Enjoy…

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