John Hopkins: Past, Present & Futuristic

© Tony Way

© Tony Way

John Hopkins formed part of the iconic Ealing Live comedy troupe, who we tend to think of as the artistic core of The Velvet Onion. Since then he’s continued to work with multiple offshoots of the TVO family. Recently, we’ve been focusing on his newest work – his web series Intergalactic Sausage, with Joey Page, but now he’s given us an opportunity to look back through his archives.

John used to have a richly-populated youtube channel which was chock-full of the kind of comedy goodness we like. Sadly it managed to delete itself, so he’s now starting again, re-uploading his earlier creative collaborations. So far there are three videos on there, and all are worth a look (we hope he gets a wriggle on with the rest!).

First up, there are the first two (out of three) episodes of 40 Year old Cub Scout, which features John and his regular collaborator, Richard Glover, along with an eye-popping Tony Way cameo in episode 1, which you can see below (episode 2 is available here):

There’s also one of our favourites, the Tiny Smiles sketch from For The Win, with tiny smiles provided by many of the good and great of Onion-land:

Subscribe to Big Face’s youtube channel to stay on top of further uploads, and prepare to see some youthful-looking TVO faces from yesteryear doing their funny stuff.

As already mentioned, Jon’s latest creative endeavour is the futuristic Intergalactic Sausage, which is now available on Wildseed Comedy’s youtube channel. We’re three episodes in so far, and to date we’ve enjoyed Uncle John’s creative approach to forcing his nephew, Joey, to stay (episode 1), Joey’s brush with fame (episode 2) and Joey’s explosive spot (episode 3). You can see the latest one below; just click on the links in the previous sentence to watch the first two.

They’re fun and funny, with moments of brilliance, and a new 7-minute episode comes out every Tuesday. Take a look:

If you’d like to know more about John’s work, here’s an intro to the man which we wrote a couple of years ago (the missing videos are a testament to the truth of the deleted youtube videos story). He’s been writing, producing and directing for the last few years, but is now thinking about returning to acting – so here’s to more Hoppo on the box (any agents who happen to be reading this, get in touch)!

If Joey’s mega-zit has piqued your interest in Intergalactic Sausage and you’d like to know a bit more about the show (which John describes as “a good bit of fun with a heart”), here’s what he had to tell us about the series when we spoke to him last month.

2 Comments on John Hopkins: Past, Present & Futuristic

  1. I love John Hopkins AKA Is he a “Ginger”
    Also have you got any jobs going for an aging tree surgeon who has a comedy streak running through his bones and has developed a fear of heights and leafy woody things?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Neil, we don’t have any ‘jobs’ going as none of us get paid to write The Velvet Onion! But we’re always on the look out for new writers for news, reviews, interviews and more. 🙂


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