Walliams & Friend Returns

If, like us, you were glued to the box last Christmas, you may remember Walliams & Friend. The sketch show, which was generally well-received at the time, featured Walliams with Joanna Lumley – and a few TVO faces (which is why we’re excited about it). Now the one-off show is being tuned into a full series, and audience tickets are available!

© King Bert Productions / Ray Burmiston

© King Bert Productions / Ray Burmiston

The pilot episode was directed by Matt Lipsey (This is Jinsey, Psychoville, Saxondale, Human Remains), and included our very own Morgana Robinson, Colin Hoult and the too-infrequently seen Barunka O’Shaughnessy, alongside Mike Wozniak (who’s cropping up in a few TVO-flavoured productions, such as One Twat, the short starring Rachel Stubbings and Tom Meeten) and James Greene. If you missed it, or simply want a repeat viewing, you can still get your hands on the pilot for £2.99 from the BBC Store.

So far we know that Jack Whitehall with guest in the series, but there’s currently no information about whether Morgana, Colin and Barunka will reappear, nor indeed, who will be directing. SRO audiences have implied that Morgana will be in the show, but this hasn’t been confirmed elsewhere. It will air in the Autumn.

If you fancy watching Walliams & Friend being filmed, you can apply for audience tickets here. The dates all take place during September and October at Southbank in London.


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