Intergalactic Sausage Is Here!

A couple of weeks ago we spoke to John Hopkins about his forthcoming new online comedy series, Intergalactic Sausage. Now the first episode is out!

© Wildseed Comedy

© Wildseed Comedy

Created with, and co-starring Joey Page, Intergalactic Sausage is a short form online comedy set in a burger van in the future. It features John and Joey as an uncle and his nephew; the latter desperate to escape to a better life on a different planet, and the former doing everything within his power to stop him. Given the nature of the relationship between the pair, we’re not exactly sure why Uncle John’s so keen for Joey to stay.

The first seven-minute episode, available via Wildseeed Comedy, titled Juicenasia, sees Uncle John attempting to prevent Joey from boarding his departure bus by threatening suicide. It’s surreal and silly (as you’d expect from these two), with some genuine laugh out loud moments. We particularly enjoyed the ‘last word’ sequence.

Think a hint of Bottom + a soupçon of Luxury Comedy + a dollop of Sci-Fi, and you’re not far off.

You can see the first Intergalactic Sausage below, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for future episodes (out every Tuesday, we believe) on Wildseed’s youtube channel.


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