Oliver Ralfe Art For Sale

© Oliver Ralfe

© Oliver Ralfe

You may know Oly Ralfe as a musician, and many of you will be familiar with his work as a film maker; but did you know that he’s an artist as well?

Oly recently provided the illustrations for the acclaimed novel ‘A Field Guide to Reality’ by Joanna Kavenna, which published last month (and is available to buy here, if you fancy reading it).

Limited edition prints of his illustrations for the book are available to buy from a run of 50 signed and numbered prints of each illustration (available as framed and unframed). Prices start at £20 and go up to £175, with plenty in between to suit different pockets.

While you’re there, you might also be interested in snapping up the wonderful Ralfe Band soundtrack for Bunny & The Bull, which is available on page 2 of the products pages.

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