Best Sitcoms of the Millennium (Apparently)

A recent poll by The Radio Times asked viewers to vote for their favourite TV comedy of the past 16 years – and the results are an interesting mixed bag.

© Talkback Thames

© Talkback Thames

Viewers were asked to place their vote from a shortlist of 40 shows. As you’d expect with this type of poll there’s a strong recency effect, with viewers more likely to vote for shows that they can readily recall. That said, there’s also a smattering of less current sitcoms, many with a TVO flavour!

Count Arthur Strong (no. 4), The IT Crowd (no. 5), Yonderland (no. 17) and W1A (no. 18) all feature in the top 20, and there are TVO stars aplenty in other shows on the list (such as The Thick of ItGavin & Stacey and Black Books) but there are also some notable absences in the list – in our opinion anyway, plus one or two inclusions that have raised a few eyebrows at TVO Towers. Here’s the list in full, so you can make up your own mind:

© BBC / Freemantle Productions

© BBC / Freemantle Productions

1. Mrs. Brown’s Boys
2. The Office
3. Car Share
4. Count Arthur Strong
5. The IT Crowd
6. The Thick Of It
7. Gavin & Stacey
8. Miranda
9. Raised By Wolves
10. Outnumbered
11. Peep Show
12. Black Books
13. Green Wing
14. The Inbetweeners
15. Bad Education
16. Phoenix Nights
17. Yonderland
18. W1A
19. Benidorm
20. Detectorists

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