Intergalactic Sausage Heading This Way

The trailer for a new web series created by and starring John Hopkins and Joey Page has just hit the digital airwaves.

Intergalactic Sausage is a sci-fi sitcom set in a burger van in a Lichfield bus station in the not too distant future, after an apocalypse that no-one has really noticed. Humans have trashed plant earth, and it’s now possible to take a bus into space, (if you have the fare and are willing to risk it), which means that people are able to go and wreck new planets.

The action revolves around two characters (John and Joey) working in a sausage van on the edge of the plughole to earth, which is where everyone goes to leave the planet. Joey dreams of bigger things and would like to be on the next bus out of there, whilst his Uncle John lives in terror of Joey actually doing it, so will stop at nothing to scupper his plans.

Here’s the fairly bonkers trailer, to give you a flavour of what’s in store:

© Joey Page

© Joey Page

With us so far? Good. To help, John very kindly gave us some more information about the show: “It’s a classic sitcom relationship, set in a future; its a lo-fi sci-fi sitcom.” he explained. “It’s also a nod to a classic that me and Joey both love (I won’t tell you which one, as it’ll spoil your pleasure in working it out for yourself, but you can probably guess already. AND Rich Fulcher once said to me ‘Don’t tell them how the sausages are made cos they won’t want to eat them.’ And Rich Fulcher knows about sausages – he’s a one man sausage party.”

“Being set in the future allows us to have fun with some silly ideas,” added John. “Like buying euthanasia kits online, look booths, digital doctors, turning off dreams, quarantine, and other cool and silly (but definitely visionary) future stuff. Being in the future also allows the slightly more surreal ideas to work, we hope.”

There are five short episodes (each one is between 7 and 8 mins long) and the series hits our screens on 1st September on Wildseed Comedy’s YouTube channel. If you like your comedy barking, tune in then.

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