Sitcom Pilots for BBC Two

BBC Two has announced three new sitcom pilots to be part of the BBC’s Landmark Sitcom Season, which will start later this month, and plenty of TVO-connected artists are involved.



We The Jury

Stand-up comedian James Acaster has written this pilot about a man who ends up on the jury of a murder trial, along with “a mismatched collection of enthusiastic fools, inconsiderate bullies and self-obsessed weirdos, constantly getting distracted from the case.” The cast includes Oliver Maltman (recently seen playing Julian Barratt’s other half in Brakes), Diane Morgan aka Philomena Cunk, and Sophie Thompson (DetectoristsInside No. 9). The pilot’s director is Ben Taylor, who has directed Catastrophe and Cardinal Burns.



Our Ex-Wife

Robert Webb stars in this pilot about a man whose ex-wife is trying to destroy his new-found happiness with his fiancée. The rest of the cast includes Victoria Hamilton, Melanie Lynskey and Peter Egan, and (as with We The Jury) the director is Ben Taylor.



The Coopers Vs The Rest

Paterson Joseph (Peep Show) and Tanya Franks (Pulling) star in this pilot as a couple with three adopted children. This one has been directed by Declan Lowney, the director of Moone Boy and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

These three new BBC Two pilots join two that were previously announced:

Motherland, a comedy about middle-class motherhood written by Graham Linehan, Helen Linehan, Sharon Horgan and Holly Walsh.

Home From Home, which stars Johnny Vegas as a man who is thrilled to have achieved his dream of buying a house in the Lake District, until he meets his neighbours.

You can see short previews of all five sitcom pilots in the video below from 4:30.


2 Comments on Sitcom Pilots for BBC Two

  1. I hate sitcoms! there are far too many on BBC. More factual please!!


  2. Unlike the dude above, I love sitcoms! I really wish they had commissioned a ton of pilots as part of there Landmark season (as opposed to remaking a ton of classics). Still this bunch looks promising, I’m most interested in Motherland given the people involved!


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