Shoreditch Boosh Club

From 20th October this year until January 2017, The Book Club in Shoreditch will become ‘The Boosh Club’ hosting an exhibition and a series of events to celebrate ten years since The Mighty Boosh‘s 2006 tour.


© Dave Brown / Baby Cow Productions

The exhibition  – curated by Liat Chen – will feature art from Noel Fielding and some previously unseen photography from Dave Brown, as well as a collection of live show props and work from Ivana Zorn, Andy Hollingworth, Jake and Mr Bingo. Many prints will be available to purchase, with a percentage of the profits going to the charity Help Refugees.

Events announced so far include:

A Boosh Halloween Party (!) on Saturday 29th October, which will focus on the most Halloween-appropriate episodes, such as The Legend Of Old Gregg and Nanageddon, and promises Boosh-themed cocktails, a Milky Joe coconut shy and ‘Boosh Bingo’. Advance tickets are £4 and can be purchased here.

Artist Lock-In: Catastrophic Boosh on Sunday 30th October, at which Wild Above Rule are inviting creatives to write, produce and perform a live fan-fiction Boosh episode. Tickets are £8 for the general public and free for the artists taking part. If you want to participate, apply by emailing with 50 words or less on why you want to join in, plus a link to your work.

Art Macabre: The Mighty Boosh on Saturday 19th November. Art Macabre Drawing Salons are known to ‘inject a lethal dose of theatricality into life drawing’ and will be inviting you to join them in an artistic exploration of the Boosh’s dark side. Advance tickets will be £10.

Make Good: Boosh Piñatas on Monday 9th January, where you’ll have the opportunity to make your very own unique Boosh piñata. Tickets will be £15.

More info hopefully coming soon!




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