Noel Talks Frankenstein

It’s the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror masterpiece Frankenstein and Noel Fielding has made an appearance on The Infinite Monkey Cage to discuss it.


©Chris McAndrew

The ‘pop science’ BBC Radio 4 series hosted by Robin Ince and Brian Cox has been running since 2009, covering all sorts of interesting topics along the way, from artificial intelligence and evolution to the mathematics of love and the biological battle of the sexes.

In each episode, Ince and Cox are typically joined by at least two scientists/academics, plus one comedian, and past guests have included such TVO favourites as Katy Brand and Paul Foot. You can listen to the latest edition with Noel Fielding here.

And speaking of Robin Ince, he has yet another podcast which might be of interest to you: Book Shambles, in which he and Josie Long chat to guests about all things literary. It’s currently in its third series, and guests so far have included Reece Shearsmith and Stewart Lee. Happy listening!

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