Glover, Wren and Sandling get Godless

Crowdfunding is now open for Godless – a new comedy short written by James Wren and featuring Wren alongside Richard Glover and Richard Sandling.

© James Wren

© James Wren

The short tells a tale of hype and propaganda sweeping people off their feet and down into madness. Trapped in their office by a baying crowd from all religious backgrounds, a group of filmmakers contemplate a fictional short film they have made disproving the existence of God. As the crowd outside intensifies they wonder if it is just a film or maybe something much more important.

Also featuring Harriet Thorpe (The Brittas Empire and Absolutely Fabulous), Simon Cotton (The Monster) and Akila Cristiano (Acts of Redemption), the film is also the latest TVO flavoured project on the CV of up-and-coming musical comedian, actor and improviser Rachel Parris, who you’ll have most recently seen in Murder in Successville as a pitch perfect Sarah Millican and Tess Daly. In addition to this, Parris appeared in the final episode of The IT Crowd and an edition of Count Arthur Strong, so keep an eye out for her in the months and years to come, peelers!

Godless is the latest project from FMW Films – the team led by Alan Freestone, Fergus March and James Wren that’s previously been responsible for Peacock SeasonThe Trap and the soon to be released The Man You’re NotAnd you, yes you, can help fund the film!

The short is filming this week, but you can help with post-production and distribution efforts to get the film seen by as many people as possible. To do so, all you’ve got to do is click right here – and then pick a package to show your support and get some goodies!

We’ll bring you more news on how you’ll be able to see Godless – and also The Trap and The Man You’re Not asap. In the meantime, you can see the Godless pitch video below.

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