Chilcot at the Fringe

Comedians including Stewart Lee and Tony Law will take part in a live reading of the Chilcot Report at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

© BBC / Colin Hutton

The reading of the full report, which is a whopping 2.6 million words long, will begin at 6pm on Monday 8th August. It will then continue non-stop, 24 hours a day until it is finished, which is predicted to take more than two weeks.

There will be two readers per hour and comedians already confirmed to participate include Stewart Lee and Tony Law, as well as Omid Djalili and Bob Slayer, who came up with the unusual idea.

Tickets for Iraq Out & Loud will go on sale Monday 25th July, and the entire event is going to be streamed live online. But you don’t just have to be a spectator… you can even get involved! Sign up on the website if you want to take part as a performer or as someone behind the scenes. The organisers are also accepting money via GoFundMe to cover production costs, with any extra money raised going to the International Rescue Committee – a charity which provides aid to refugees and victims of armed conflict around the world.

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