Lou Sanders Gives Her Top Ten Tips

Lou Sanders is one of the comedians taking part in BBC Three’s new web series Top Ten.

Lou Sanders

© Lou Sanders

In the 20-part online series, comedians will be listing their ‘top tens’ on topics ranging from job interviews to conspiracy theories. How it all works is that a new episode will be released every Thursday morning on the BBC Three website and on YouTube. Afterwards, viewers can make their own suggestions for jokes about the episode’s theme through Mixital, the BBC’s creativity platform, and BBC Three will then choose their favourite.

The first video has been released today and features Holly Walsh giving her top ten reasons to ‘swipe left’ on dating apps. Lou Sanders is set to star in the final episode, giving some (no doubt invaluable!) advice on becoming a model.

Damian Kavanagh, BBC Three’s Controller, says: “We’re changing our relationship with fans by engaging them with our content and making them creators. I hope these Top Tens from some of the best and brightest new comedians in the UK inspire people to create their own so we can discover even more new comedy talent from across the UK.”

Here’s a roundup of what the whole series has in store for us:

Holly Walsh: Top Ten Reasons To Swipe Left
Nish Kumar : Top Ten Weird Conspiracy Theories
Jamali Maddix: Top Ten Things That Happen When You’re The Only Non-White Guy In The Room
The Pin: Top Ten Highlights of Making Their Top Ten
Mae Martin: Top Ten Things That I Find Attractive Regardless of Gender
Steve Bugeja: Top Ten Things You Really Should Know As An Adult
Lazy Susan: Top Ten Things To Do For When You’ve Forgotten Your Make-up Bag
Ken Cheng: Top Ten Most Hated Proverbs
Sarah Campbell: Top Ten Horrifying Moments In Life
Michael Spicer: Top Ten Job Interview Tips
Jack Carroll: Top Ten Best Things About Leaving School
Jessie Cave: Top Ten Things About My Dream Wedding
Mandem On The Wall: Top Ten Ways To Get A Girl
Joseph Morpurgo: Top Ten Lost EastEnders Episodes
Sexy American Girls: Top Ten Best Things About The Land of The America
Josie Long: Top Ten Opinions That May Or May Not Have Got Me Dumped
Nick Helm: Top Ten Things That Depressed Me Today
Sam Simmons: Top Ten Things That Annoy Me
Lolly Adefope: Top Ten Classic Lolly Adefopes
Lou Sanders: Top Ten Tips To Become A Beauty Model

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