Ayoade on Adam Buxton Podcast


©Matt Crockett

Richard Ayoade is a very busy man at the moment! Whilst in Lisbon with Adam Buxton filming the next series of Travel Man, he found the time to be a guest on Adam’s popular podcast. The pair’s ‘ramble-chat’ has been split into two episodes, which are both available now.

Part 1 features a lot of discussion about film (one of Richard’s favourite topics) including his thoughts on The Revenant and other Oscar winners, Funny Games and David Lynch. We also get some insight into Richard’s attitude towards travelling, giving interviews and more.

Part 2 has a slightly different tone, as it jumps from light-hearted chatter about how often you should change your pillows and what makes a good TV presenter to a much more serious discussion about Woody Allen and the difficulty of separating someone’s work from their personal life.

The Adam Buxton Podcast has been around for just under a year, and past episodes have featured a wide range of guests, from Louis Theroux and Caitlin Moran to Kathy Burke and Adam’s comedy partner Joe Cornish.

If you’re interested in seeing Adam live this month (and you should be!), he’s presenting a special celebration of David Bowie’s career at Latitude Festival and at Greenwich Comedy Festival.

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