New Matt Berry Album

Matt Berry‘s new album, The Small Hours, will be released on 16th September.

© Acid Jazz

© Acid Jazz

The Small Hours has been described as Matt’s most personal album yet, and explores themes of death, religion, loneliness and the changing of the seasons.

Matt says it “Refers to the small hours before dawn when you and me worry about things. It can be an intensely quiet time and so all your thoughts and fears can be amplified.”

The album was recorded live with his band at Rimshot Studio in Kent, then the songs were embellished and completed at Matt’s studio in South London. Guest musicians include Ben Castle (sax, bass clarinet), Steve Jourdonas (trumpet) and long time collaborator, Cecilia Fage (backing vocals).

The full track listing is:

1. Intro (00:20)
2. One by One (03:09)
3. The Peach & The Melon (02:58)
4. Say it Again (03:07)
5. Gone For Good (03:16)
6. Beam Me Up (03:01)
7. Seasons on Fire (03:59)
8. Night Terrors (09:51)
9. Lord Above (02:27)
10. Obsessed & So Obscure (03:58)
11. Wounded Heart (02:25)
12. The Small Hours (03:11)

You can listen to one of the tracks, Obsessed And So Obscure, here:

The Small Hours can be pre-ordered from iTunes. And don’t forget that Matt Berry and The Maypoles will be touring the album around the UK in October. For more information and tickets, visit Matt’s website.

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