Sightings of Travel Man

Richard Ayoade has been spotted filming the next series of Travel Man with some very interesting guests.


© Channel 4

If, like us at The Velvet Onion, you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Travel Man, you’ll be pleased to know that production of the comedy-travel show’s next series is under way. Over the past few months, Travel Man has been sighted in four different locations…

Naples with Jack Dee



It looks like the new series will see Richard travelling to Naples with Jack Dee, where they will visit Herculaneum – an ancient Roman city destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Lisbon with Adam Buxton



Richard has been spotted in Lisbon, taking in the sights of Portugal’s capital city in a ‘Tuk Tuk’ with Adam Buxton. Those of you who remember Adam’s appearance on Gadget Man should be excited for this particular episode, as the pair’s unique comedy stylings go together very well.

Helsinki with Paul Rudd



Richard has been seen in Helsinki, Finland, with none other than Hollywood actor Paul Rudd! You might know Paul from his starring role in Marvel’s Ant-Man or from his countless comedy roles in films like Anchorman and Knocked Up. 

NYC with Katherine Ryan



Some eagle-eyed fans have managed to spot Richard in New York City, accompanied by the UK’s favourite Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan.

Travel Man is a real treat, and if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out. In past episodes, Richard has travelled to Copenhagen with Noel Fielding, Iceland with Jessica Hynes, Vienna with Chris O’Dowd and lots more. You can catch up with it all here.

UPDATE: Channel 4 says that the new series of Travel Man will begin Friday 23rd September at 8.30pm! The first episode will be NYC. 

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