Yoga Evans

A little bit like buses, it seems… TVO favourite Stephen Evans is the latest regular face to crop up in an online production from the recently revamped BBC Three.



Longstanding readers will be familiar with Evans work to date: part of cult sketch quintet Dutch Elm Conservatoire, Stephen’s work has also taken in the likes of HyperdriveThe Day They Came to Suck Out Our Brains, Julian Barratt’s Curtains and The Savage Canvas, Colin Hoult’s live shows and radio series Carnival of Monsters, and Julia Davis’ Nighty Night and Camping. As we say, he’s a favourite of ours, and he’s someone you’re either a fan of, or you’ve no idea who he is yet. Give it time.

Anyhow, Evans appears in the latest edition of BBC Three’s YouTube series #HoodDocumentary. Written by director Tyrell Williams & star Kayode Ewumi, the series follows internet sensation and ‘triple threat’ Roll Safe (or Reece to his mum), who lives his life as a ‘young and upcoming creative’ singer/dancer/actor extraordinaire, and in the latest episode, he pays a visit to his yoga teacher Greg, played by… well, we think you can work that bit out for yourselves by now…

If you like what you see, new episodes are released via YouTube and the BBC Three website every Wednesday at mid-day. And if you want more Evans-based silliness, we recommend revisiting the taster moments from his tv pilot with Richard Glover from a few years ago, which lived up its name: Splendid.

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