Auditions with Andy

Colin Hoult‘s film-buff alter-ego Andy Parker is back, and this time he’s making a feature film!

© Colin Hoult

© Colin Hoult

Parker appeared in Hoult’s previous live shows including 2010’s sublime Enemy of the World, before becoming a regular fixture of his Comedy Collab YouTube series in late 2014. Across his appearances, he’d share his forthright views on films, goin’ out round Nottingham, and occasionally, his own movie ideas. Mr Giggles is arguably a lost classic of the horror genre.

One of these ideas was a film called Push Me Pull Me – two blokes wake up, stuck together in a horrible way, and need to work together to find their way out. No, it’s nowt like Saw. Apparently.

Either way, as we first mentioned back in November, the similarities aren’t enough to put off some budding filmmakers, who are now working with Parker to bring the concept to the big screen. However, it seems they’re still struggling with getting the film off the ground, as Andy can’t decide on the casting.

Eagle-eyed TVOers may recognise Colin’s formerly regular collaborator Dave McNeill in the mix there, alongside Hoult’s “old chums” Lawry Lewin, Simon Plotkin, Andrew Bridge, David Edwards and Sam Savage.

They’ll all be appearing again across the following five parts, so to see them – and lots more from the mind of Grand Master Hoult, subscribe to his YouTube channel over yonder

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