New Loose Tapestries Album

N.H.S., the new album from Loose Tapestries (Noel Fielding and Kasabian’s Sergio Pizzorno’s alter egos) is out!

This is the second recorded musical outing from the pair (their first album was released as a download and limited edition vinyl to coincide with 2012’s Record Store Day) and this one includes music from the second series of Luxury Comedy, plus their 2015 Christmas single Can’t Wait for Christmas, which features a rap from the man who should be Bond, Idris Elba.

You can buy N.H.S. on MP3 now for £9.99 or pre-order on sexy vinyl for £26.77 (released on 17th June and includes free MP3 version).

The full track listing is:

Boombox Adagio
Suck My Beans
Tales from Painted Hawaii
Paul Panfer
Live for the Night (Cocaine City)
Saving Terry
Imagine a Mouse with Rulers for Legs
New York Cop
Don’t Do Drugs
Hawaiian Stingray
In the Garden & The Cucumbers of Cool
Dr. Doorag
The Triangle Song
That Friday Feeling
Fantasy Zone
Fantasy vs. Reality
(I’d Rather Be) Plasticine
All Bleeding Coming Together
Can’t Wait for Christmas (By Loose Tapestries feat. Me Innit)

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